Raising awareness for a better future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lbosnia and herzegovina actionast December, Linking Europe organized a Balkan Borrel on civic activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The past few weeks, engaged activities of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina are once again a clear sign that the people are ready for (political) change for a better future. To raise awareness about the situation and to show support for the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Linking Europe will be part of a solidarity meeting on Saturday, March 1st in Amsterdam, Leidseplein (in front of “de Balie”), 13.30-14.30h. We welcome everyone to join us, to get informed and to show support.

Since early February there have been ongoing demonstrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Citizens unite daily on the streets and organize parliamentary assemblies protesting against poverty, unemployment, a corrupt government and general political and economic stagnation since the war.

On Saturday we support all the Bosnian citizens who are fighting for a better future with more equality, democracy and economic progress. We invite everyone join us to express their solidarity.

“All for one and one for all”
“Those who will sow hunger, will harvest anger”
“We are hungry, in three languages!”
“Freedom is my nation”
(written texts during the protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

When? Saturday March 1st, between 13.30 and 14.30
Where? Amsterdam, Leidseplein, in front of De Balie

Subsequently, an event will take place in De Balie in Amsterdam “Scars and Dreams. Bosnians in The Netherlands, twenty years after the war” (in Dutch).