If Belgrade Could Speak

If Belgrade could speak

by Zlatka Koleva, participant of Our Future Europe 2014 When we talk about Serbia, many well-known clichés spring to mind – the big burgers called pljeskavicas, turbo-folk by Mile Kitic and the war. In fact, the war myth is real, now more than ever. Even

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Reinventing Our Future

Our Future Europe Will Serbia and Kosovo become part of the EU? What do people from these and EU-member state countries imagine when they think about this abstract topic? These are two of the fundamental questions that are addressed during the youth exchange program Our

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NL meets SR meets KS

What was your first intercultural experience? What were your expectations before coming to Belgrade? Two introductory questions to OFE youth exchange in Belgrade. Today the exchange program between Serbia, Kosovo and the Netherlands kicked off in Belgrade. Six students from each country are engaging in

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