NL meets SR meets KS

DSC06580What was your first intercultural experience? What were your expectations before coming to Belgrade?

Two introductory questions to OFE youth exchange in Belgrade. Today the exchange program between Serbia, Kosovo and the Netherlands kicked off in Belgrade. Six students from each country are engaging in an intensive week of intercultural exchange. The coming three days are full of visits to institutions like the Serbian Ministry of Youth, Dutch Embassy and OSCE; meetings with local journalists and bloggers; and training in citizen journalism skills.

First the formal introduction is done with, than the participants have sign a contract making their commitment to the program explicit. But than all is set to begin! Some games help to break the ice, learn the names of the other participants. Intercultural exchange is not just an NGO buzzword, but is very practically exchanging ideas. It starts with a cultural evening where participants share foods, drinks and even songs that represent their country. The next day, institutions are visited and discussion becomes more in depth, making cultural difference and similarity explicit and obvious.

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