“It`s too multi-Culti”.!!!

Arber Selmani

Being Kosovar is obviously problematic to Serbs. Being Kosovar and staying in Belgrade isn’t something “special” for my Kosovar friends either.  Being Kosovar and protesting in the main square of Belgrade in the gay pride day, is something you could get killed from.

Being from Kosovo is normal. It’s a pure Balkan-style mentality, the worst ever. It’s something that you really wish to change, but you can’t in a million years. I posted the following status on Facebook:

“To Krsmanovic, we students from Kosovo, Serbia and Netherlands are having a conference in Youth and Diversity in Europe. Join us please! Be there, some great discussions are in a way about Multiculturalism, Youth political participation and Gender issues!!! =)”.my Belgrade friends and colleagues: tomorrow, from 13.00h at KC Grad, Brace

It’s a simple status, but it’s the thing that led me to remove some of my friends from Facebook.

I was attacked just because I am from Kosovo and trying to reach something in Belgrade. Some people gave comments that this is “too multi-culti” and “its too early to be friends with Serbian”. In this cases, I usually don’t want to debate and get into an argument; My first reaction is to ignore the comments, since they are stupid, that stupid that they could be regarded ‘ironic’. I decided to start a debate, because for me Serbia is not a place to ignore. If it is for my personal achievements, I will do it, that’s one of my Facebook comments. If it was like this, neither Croatians, Slovenians, Bosnian people, Albanians would go in Serbia. I really don’t understand how in the 21st century, young people from Kosovo and Serbia are still nationalistic in their minds. It’s a fact that Serbia attacked us, that our people were killed, we provoked and they provoked all the same, but I’m not the one to blame.

For the first time, I really want to say that I’M BRAVE for staying in Belgrade in the middle of very huge crisis in the country. I’M PROUD of making a presentation with my team, which also included Serbian people. I`m happy for my relationship with Serbian people, which is as normal as with everyone else.

My friends were attacking me without even asking me why, what I do and what kind of friendship I have with Serbians.  I’m using sarcasm just because its funny and problematical in the same time.

I really had a great time in Belgrade, with my colleagues from “Our Future Network” Programme. This is the most important thing, and if we- as young people, are not trying to change something for our fucking Balkan, I think we will always have hate and envy in between.

PS: I understand people who hate Balkans, really. !

2 thoughts on ““It`s too multi-Culti”.!!!”

  1. Natasa says:

    Good article Arber. However, it’s the same on the both sides. When we were in Pristina, everyone stared at us probably thinking how we can speak Serbian in the middle of Pristine. Maybe we should all started coming to each other places without prejudices and then see what will happen. People with prejudices will stay locked in their small boxes for the rest of their lives and you can’t change it. People who are willing to change something are involved in these kinds of projects and are making positive changes.
    I just came from the conference in the US where I met a guy from Kosovo who was a flag bearer for Kosovo and he is just great young person. For me it doesn’t matter which flag you carry or where you come from, as long as we respect each other. It’s true that people in the past attacked each other, but there is a point when people should move forward. For global citizens as I am, borders are nothing else, but the lines in the Atlas.

    And Balkan should be loved. Balkan is great place to be, full of diversity, long history, delicious food, warm and welcome people and many other things. There are problems as everywhere, but we should respect our region and our people.



  2. Branka says:

    Quite some propaganda… I mean, in Belgrade Albanians lived as they lived before, even during the illegal NATO-bombing no Albanians were harrased in Belgrade. What to say about Pristina? I mean, come on, put the propaganda aside and say what you are: an Albanian, not a Kosovar. Kosovar is no national entity, it’s a geographic one. Everubody knows.

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