Liftwedstrijd / Hitchhiking Contest: Hitching Europe!

Do you want to do something crazy, different and fun this summer? Join Linking Europe’s “Hitching Europe” contest to Bulgaria this July! Adventure guaranteed! By participating you are contributing to a larger project of Linking Europe: the quest for the human side of Europe.

The contest: how it works

Hitchhike from the Netherlands to Sofia (Bulgaria) between July 20th and 29th, 2013! The goal is to be the fastest in Sofia while traveling through as many countries as possible. At the same time you get in touch with people. Some countries are worth more points than others…

Points in a hitchhiking contest?

The point system is designed to reward curiosity towards diverse places and people.

You can collect points in several ways:

  1. There are 10 points for the first team to arrive in Sofia.
  2. See the map below. You get points per country that you travel through, the further you divert from the fastest route, the more points you get for the country. So plan your route wisely.
  3. Potentially the most points can be gained by interviewing people you meet on the road and in the streets. In principal 1 point per interview, however bonus points are rewarded for originality.

Point system

Linking Europe: the idea behind the contest

While Europe’s leaders are debating the future of Europe, we’re throwing away our newspapers and set out to discover who the real Europeans are! You will gather many pictures and stories about the people you meet on the way to Bulgaria. You will ask them the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Linking Europe will raise awareness of your experiences through its network, blog, website and other media. Together we will show the different sides of Europe!

We are offering:

  • A solid organization and supporting system throughout the contest
  • A tracking system that will update you daily on the position of the others
  • An information meeting where you will also hear tips & tricks from experienced hitchhikers and couch surfers
  • We prefer hitchhiking couples, but we will help in matching singles wherever possible!
  • A place to crash in Sofia from 27 – 29th of July
  • A very cool prize and eternal honor for the winner

You are:

  • Looking forward to adventure and discovering Europe
  • Open-minded and assertive
  • Free between July 20th and the 29th
  • Capable of contributing €25 for the hostel in Sofia
  • Not afraid to learn hitchhiking by doing!


Please let us know your questions via, or call us at: 06 55 691 891
You can find us also on facebook!

I want to sign up!

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