Hitching Europe Blog #13 Team Plovkip: The Last Drop Horizon

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Drink! Love! Pray! Dance! Fuck! Sleep! Eat! Kill? Hate? Exploit?

Power! Power is everything but what is Power without vulnerablity. Love is everything, Love is being strong when you are weak, weak so you can be strong.

In every city we passed, there was a supermarket, in very city, people loved, people cheated, people drank beer. Cities amazed us with their desolate buzzling vibe, no matter how poor a place is, Coca Cola is served cold everywhere, and cars are in abundance even if the roads are shabby, beer flows through people’s throats like water, people make love and party like there is nothing else in life, just like back home. These are these universal thruths. We are all humans. No matter how rich we are, how deep our financial shit is, life always goes on. Alcohol, sex, drugs, joy, love, it breaks through European borders. It breaks the ice everwhere you go. Alcohol has united people for thousands of years, since the first wine was invented by some Aramic, Mesopotemean or Hebrew farmers, when the first beer was being brewed by Czech construction workers or German monks. According to some theories, people even started organizing themselves in urban centres so they could produce alcohol on a large scale, the holy soma of the aryans propelled them eastwards. The goal on this trip was to discover the human side of Europe. We have found it. And now, writing our last blog in the gramophone bar of Plovdiv, we find ourselves smoking cigarettes like madmen, pounding beers just like the locals, laughing, drinking, dreaming, for eternity.

Some chase wealth for its own sake, some for security for their families. We don’t produce, we consume, we subsume on exhaust fumes, and have forgotten its blood and not oil that runs throught our veins. Perhaps alcohol unites, but perhaps it also serves to cover the small and great traumas of humanity, the wars, the genocides, slavery, the rapes, the murders, the fear, the heartaches, especially here in this war-torn place. We release ourselves into sharing joy exuberance and sometimes quietude. So do we have a shared identity on this planet? Where Rudolph from 24kitchen and Cesare Milian the dog whisperer tour the Balkans to cater to Croatian housewives, for instance Luka’s mum Myra.

Europe counts many institutions, but it counts even more cultures, more languages, more ethnicities. Before, Anne and me were mainly spending our vacations in the deep south, where the sun always shine, where french baguettes, spanish tapas and portuguese prawns have always smothered us in deliciousness. During this trip, through the sometimes forgotten Balkans we have expanded our horizons in every respect. Because it actually is kind of crazy that we have travelled through exotic and arctic corners of the world, like Alaska, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, America, Morocco, but we were never bothered to travel to the east, where slovenian beer, croatian food, hospitality and crystalline waters, Serbian nightlife and Bulgarian mountains have nurtured our souls and given us sweet memories we will forever cherish. When we refer to Bulgaria and the Balkans we will not longer refer to EU institutions or ECB loans, but the amazing Balkan culture.

We are all Europeans, we are all looking for something. And when we see that amazing sun and hapiness shining on the horizon, we have to reach out for it. Bless you all, lovely friends! Peace, Matt and Anne

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  1. G.braakman says:

    Ha! You’ve made it. The trip may be over but the memories will travelwith you in the years to come.great writing…i enjoyed reading it. Wish you a save trip home.

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