We are very open to exchanging views and participating, collaborating, reflecting, establishing, understanding, deliberating, cooperating, support or anything else that is in line with our objectives. Find all the information you need to do this here.

General information
Organization name: Stichting Linking Europe (in English: Linking Europe)
Post Address: Linking Europe, Da Costakade 198P, 1053XH, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Phone nr: +31 (0)612960079
KvK nr: 56847505
RSIN: : 852329866

Linking Europe welcomes private donations, big and small. These are invaluable to Linking Europe as they ensure organization maintenance costs and implementing small projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you consider to make a donation and would like to be informed on the spendings. Linking Europe is registered as ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) in the Netherlands, which means that donations to our organization are tax deductable.

Our bank account details are as follows:
Bank: Rabobank Utrecht
Account holder: Stichting Linking Europe
Account number (IBAN): NL10 RABO 0180 4949 53

Specific contact information
Theresa Song Loong

Geert Luteijn

Marijn Speth

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