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Dude, where’s my identity?

by: Vladan Jaćimović Thursday was the last day of our pretty intensive training to develop a research project in Prishtina, with Thursday night being of a particularly intensive nature, considering the amount of rakija consumed. But who can blame us? We went out for dinner

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A hospitable house?

By: Alexander Chaplin In keeping with Arbër’s recent entry (9-4-2012), I’ll turn to a friend to introduce this week’s blog on multiculturalism. The story started when a good buddy of mine for personal reasons suddenly and desperately needed a place to stay for a while.

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Likely to fail…

By: Arbër Selmani During a debate, a friend of mine was strongly opposing me because of my investigation into the homosexual community in Pristina. According to him, being engaged with the community could affect the opinion of other about me. Lets say, that cliche thing.

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