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A Ying Yang Debate

A Ying Yang Debate When I read articles that are about gender and the inequality of men and women one thing strikes me, namely that there seems a tendency to leave out a discourse of ‘masculinity’. Can we measure gender differences if there seems to

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Citizens participation in politics

By: Tessa As stated by Joerg Forbrig in his writing on Revisiting Youth Political Participation:  ‘’Arenas for youth involvement in political and, more broadly, public life appear to be more numerous than ever before, yet few would claim that these opportunities have resulted in the

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Female initiation rites

If we look into primitive societies, it looks like that situation is pretty different than in developed world countries. In many African countries, especially on the north, such as Somalia and Ethiopia, where girls are put on one of the most extreme circumcision called infibulations.

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Analysing Dutch Politics

Since a lot of non-Dutch people will be reading this series of blogs, I decided to give you all a short insight in Dutch politics and the rising extreme left. On September 12th, the elections in the Netherlands will be held. By some people already

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Moving East? Just for fun

By: Alexander Chaplin In my last blog, I promised to keep you updated on the discussions around the Dutch Party for Freedom’s ‘Hotline for [reporting] Central and Eastern Europeans’, also known as the ‘Poles-Hotline’. The recent commotion in Holland around the question of the future

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