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Rock bottom, no solidarity

By: Geert Luteijn After the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands in September, my first reaction was relieve that the populist and anti-foreigners party of Geert Wilders, PVV lost a lot of support and maybe even more important: momentum. The election campaign was dominated by the

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“It`s too multi-Culti”.!!!

Arber Selmani Being Kosovar is obviously problematic to Serbs. Being Kosovar and staying in Belgrade isn’t something “special” for my Kosovar friends either.  Being Kosovar and protesting in the main square of Belgrade in the gay pride day, is something you could get killed from.

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Social relation on the Balkans

By: Geert Luteijn As a scholar in international relations, I always found politics on the Balkans fascinating. It has something alien for someone from the Netherlands. Where the public interest is often debated in parliament, newspapers and random conversations on the streets in the Netherlands,

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Moving East? Just for fun

By: Alexander Chaplin In my last blog, I promised to keep you updated on the discussions around the Dutch Party for Freedom’s ‘Hotline for [reporting] Central and Eastern Europeans’, also known as the ‘Poles-Hotline’. The recent commotion in Holland around the question of the future

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The consequences of non stability in Kosovo

No stability, no multiculti

By: Arber Selmani When I think about it almost 45% of the population of Republic of Kosova, my country, is unemployed, 35% of them live in poor conditions, 18% of them are facing the death and in the corruption field we are ranking at the

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Dude, where’s my identity?

by: Vladan Jaćimović Thursday was the last day of our pretty intensive training to develop a research project in Prishtina, with Thursday night being of a particularly intensive nature, considering the amount of rakija consumed. But who can blame us? We went out for dinner

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