Balkan Borrel 2014

Balkan Borrel: North Kosovo 2020 Constructing future scenarios

PAX_BALKAN_B_JUN_2014_OPM_FINALFriday June 27th // 7-10 PM // Location: PAX, Godebaldkwartier 74 in shopping centre Hoog Catherijne, Utrecht // Free entrance

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Even though the war has ended 14 years ago, Kosovo remains highly divided. Especially the people in the northern municipalities of Kosovo are trapped in a situation of uncertainty and insecurity. PAX constructed several future scenarios for northern Kosovo. This report ‘North Kosovo in 2020. Future histories in the making.’ will be presented in Brussels just before this BalkanBorrel. At the coming event we will discuss the scenarios with our partners from Kosovo.

Join an exercise in constructing possible future scenarios for north Kosovo in the year 2020. What is needed for this region to build a positive future outlook and what are the key drivers towards this? Place yourself in the shoes of various stakeholders and discuss the issues in depth with our guests from Kosovo:

  • Nenad Djurdjevic (Coordinator of The Forum for Ethnic Relations)
  • Tanja Lazarevic (CRZ, Centre for Communities Development)
  • Aferdita Sylaj (Director at CBM, Community Building Mitrovica
  • Nataša Saveljić (Project Manager at CBM, Community Building Mitrovica)

Organized by Linking Europe Project Coordinator Iliriana Banjska in cooperation with PAX