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OFE-logoThe Our Future project is an exchange project with students from Serbia, Kosovo and the Netherlands. In the project students work together to explore the context of European integration, by reflecting on the situation in their own societies and develop alternatives for the future. This culminates into a series of blog posts assembled in a report. The project aims to empower youths to develop a healthy critical perspective towards society and to embody the civil society of tomorrow: a civil society that keeps governments, economic and other stakeholders accountable and has the ability to articulate the public interest, where others fail. This is of particular importance to post-conflict societies on the Balkans and in the wider context of European integration processes.


The organization of the project is in the hands of three capable organizations: NGO Integra from Kosovo, NGO Youth Education Committee from Serbia and NGO Linking Europe from the Netherlands. The three partners have a longstanding history of cooperation.

The project enables youngsters from Serbia, Kosovo and the Netherlands to cooperate on an international scale and makes them familiar with cultural diversity in Europe and how to deal with this diversity. Europe has developed a platform for integration, it is now time to connect the grassroots and integrate Europe from the bottom-up.

For Linking Europe this project is constantly being developed. The main activity for the first half of 2014 will be fundraising and organising the activities in the Netherlands. The main component of this will be the organization of an exchange visit to the Netherlands for all participants. Find more information on the program in 2014 here.

copy-le-logo-2-transparant-kleiner.png LOGO - INTEGRA logo 003.1The project is supported by:

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In 2012, the Our Future project was implemented as a research project. Participants did research on the themes of Youth Political Participation, Multiculturalism and Gender in European Perspective. The work was published both as a book as well as a series of online articles.

You can download the book Youth & Diversity in Europe under our organization documents. During the project, the participants wrote the following articles relating to the three research subjects:

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Our Future in Action