Hitching Europe

While Europe’s leaders are debating the future of Europe, we’re throwing away our newspapers and set out to discover Europe and its Europeans for ourselves! Hitching Europe is an exciting and adventurous trip across Europe from the Netherlands to Bulgaria. Youths aged 18-28 years participate so that they can gather as many pictures and stories as possible about the people they meet on the way to Bulgaria.  All this is done by hitchhiking: making chance encounters possible and lowering the threshold for a good conversation.


But it is not speed that counts, it is the stories that we take with us. We ask people whether they feel European and what the future looks like for them. In ten days time there is plenty of time to take a detour or to meet more people, which is awarded with more points. Before the trip all participants are prepared with a creative writing seminar, encouraging everyone to engage in their unique form of citizen journalism. Besides that, tips & tricks on hitchhiking are exchanged so that we are able to find our way all around Europe. We raise awareness and share our experiences through the blog and social media. Together we show the different sides of Europe!

Read about the next edition and adventures of last year in our news archives, find the stories of the participants of 2013 and 2014 on our blog!

If you are interested in playing a larger role in the organisation or coordination, of course don’t hesitate to contact us!

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