Who are we

NGO Linking Europe has been established by three students and graduates from the Universities of Nijmegen, Utrecht and Amsterdam. The key to our success is twofold. The first is that with our backgrounds, we unite the three core values of Linking Europe: youth activism, education and international outreach and dialogue. Equally important is that we are not afraid to disagree, discuss, and find the solution which incorporates the best of all viewpoints. This makes us a strong, energetic and resourceful team with no 9-5 mentality that gets things done before the deadline. Our different specializations secure programmatic diversity in our projects. We are united by our ambition to make youths aware of the importance to pursue and improve the social integration of Europe


Theresa Song Loong (president)

Theresa Song LoongTheresa is a socially engaged political scientist, approaching society analytically and enthusiastic at the same time. She is a student of Philosophy of the Political Sciences, in her studies reflecting on social cohesion in the context of political liberal societies. Theresa has a background in political and environmental campaigning and working experience in peacebuilding projects and online/social media monitoring.

Mail: Theresa@linkingeurope.org


Geert Luteijn (secretary)

Geert LuteijnGeert participated in the Our Future Project in 2005 and stayed involved ever since. He set up a simulation game about the status negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo mediated by the UN in 2006. In 2009, he was one of the project coordinators of a training week, The Art of Conflict Transformation, with students from the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo. Geert studied political science at the University of Amsterdam and holds an MA degree in Global Political Economy from the University of Sussex.

Mail: Geert@linkingeurope.org


Marijn Speth (treasurer)

Marijn SpethMarijn is experienced in working with international youths through various formal and nonformal education projects. He first went on exchange to the Balkans with Our Future Network in 2009. In 2012 he was a project coordinator and tutor for the same project. During his studies he was engaged as a workgroup teacher and research assistant. Marijn is an experienced public speaker, networker and a team player with a particular skill in pushing things forward. He holds an MA degree in political history of Europe from Utrecht University.