Mission & objectives

Mission Statement

We bring together European youths through international exchanges that improve their mutual understanding and intercultural awareness, and result in durable grassroots communication channels. We are a platform that facilitates the empowerment of a new generation of European youths and advocates a more socially integrated and democratic European society.


Linking Europe aims to inspirit the process of social integration of European societies in the fields of mobility, democracy, education, solidarity with the following objectives:

  1. Facilitating mutual understanding between European youths through organizing international study exchanges;
  2. Strengthen educational opportunities for European youths that focus on reflective and critical thinking;
  3. Stimulate active, critical and engaged citizenship by removing obstacles to and create possibilities for democratic participation;
  4. Develop an active network of grassroots initiatives that is capable to articulate, spread and bring into practice ideals of a social and integrated Europe;
  5. Contribute to a wider international solidarity within Europe.